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Leadership training

Our leadership seminars target experienced executives in the middle and top management as well as newcomers in their first role as leader. The systemic approach views leadership as a holistic phenomenon and at the same time looks at a dimension which is a blind spot in most of the other approaches: the executive’s personality.

Personality development

In the everyday life at work specialized knowledge is not enough for success. It is for instance about how you play a part in conversations or discussions and how others see you. Therefore, your authenticity and charisma is important. The fundament for this is your personality.

Conflict management

Conflicts always accure when people work together. This is inevitable. Often they are seen as something negativ, but they offer big chances, if they are solved constructively.

Communication training

Communication is the engine of every Organisation and fullfills many central functions. Knowledge, opinions, perspectives and expectations can be exchanged, reviewed and modified through communication. Therefore, it is the basis to build relationships with other people. This social networks enables people with different skills and knowledge to work together.