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Leadership - Key Competence Charisma (1)

Alexander Höhn
Seminar duration
3 Tage
Max. 10 Personen
€ 2.350,- zzgl. MwSt.
The accompanying book

New ways for leadership and communication

By getting to know your own personality structure better, you will discover what shapes your thinking and actions. You will find new possibilities, which optimally match your management style to your personality and let you act goal-oriented and successfully. 

Do you feel something driving and inhibiting you at the same time? Can't you let up? Do you always have to be the best? Or do you withdraw and leave the field to others without wanting to? In this seminar you will identify what shapes your thinking and actions. You can see what always ties you to the same pattern. They learn to better understand personal communication and behavior patterns and discover new solutions and possibilities. Because with this knowledge you can discard hindering habits and make your dealings with others more conscious.
You adapt your management style to your personality, appear credible, authentic and more self-confident. This enables you to provide your employees with better support, goal-oriented management and motivation.

Your benefit 

Leading with personality and breaking new ground

You understand your personal patterns of action as a manager and know your resources.
They free themselves from automatisms and redesign the way they interact with themselves and others.
You gain composure and sovereignty in thinking and acting.
subject matter 

Reflection and solution competencies in leadership behaviour

Reflect your leadership behaviour and values
Develop your effect as a (leadership) personality
Consciously perceiving personality, communication and conflict patterns in day-to-day management
Develop an appreciative inner attitude and find access to the interlocutor
Recognizing unconscious recurring patterns and developing alternative actions
can trust your competences and use your strengths effectively
Gaining natural authority and integrating one's personality into the management style
Creating trust, a culture of feedback and open communication within the team
target audience

Owners, board members and managing directors, directors, divisional managers and executives who lead other executives in their positions.

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